Until You Feel Alive

by Traci Goode

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Through pain, heartbreak, and perseverance , this is what it sounds like to be alive.


released January 27, 2017

All songs written, recorded, performed, and produced by Traci Goode



all rights reserved


Traci Goode Parkersburg, West Virginia

Traci writes simple acoustic pop songs with a rock influence, aimed straight at your gut. Her debut album Until You Feel Alive is available for preorder exclusively on BandCamp.

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Track Name: Nobody's Home
Nobody’s Home

What happened here?
Won’t you tell me, my dear?
‘Cause I recognize that
Vacant look in your eyes.
It’s all a mess,
But I bet you can guess
Just what I’ll say
Before I throw this away.

‘Cause all I see
Is a little less love
And you already leaving.

It’s alright to back up.
It’s alright to back down.
It’s alright.
Gotta keep on moving on.
It’s alright to give up.
It’s alright to give in.
It’s alright,
Gotta keep on moving.

Well, I’m nobody’s home
Not even my own
But you’ll know where I stand
Before I even begin.
I won’t back down,
Won’t let you push me around.
Don’t care to fight if I know that I’m right.

‘Cause all I need
Is a little more sleep,
And you gone in the morning.

We’re both stuck in a corner.
We both need room to grown.
There’s no shame in letting go
When you know that it’s over.
Track Name: Stay Down
Stay Down

Mr. Man says that I’m just okay.
Says it’s nothing special when I sing and I play.
Mr. Man says maybe I should rethink.
Says the things I love will be gone in a blink.

I stretch and I pull,
I push and I shove.
They’re making sure
That I don’t rise above.

They always tell me,
“Stay down!
Stay down!
There’s no need to fight, we’ll tell you what’s right.
Stay down!
Stay down!
There’s nothing to do,
We just can’t depend on you.”

Preacher man says that I need to step down.
All the people whisper when I come around.
Preacher man says maybe I should move back.
He can’t make up for the faith that I lack.

I try to stand tall,
But I fall to my knees.
I’ve gotta ask,
Who am I trying to please?

Every man says I need to take a seat.
I should know when to admit defeat.
Everyman says that it’s time to let go.
That if I don’t know now, then I’ll never know.

They can say what they want,
But I’ll never give in.
It’s not a war,
What are you trying to win?
Track Name: I Won't Be There
I Won’t Be There

I can’t call you Casper
You’re not a friendly ghost.
You only come to haunt
The dreams that I love most.
I don’t have the things you want,
Can’t get you what you need.
I’m out of quick solutions
I think that you should leave.
There’s not a door any more
So stop knocking.
I don’t live there, I’ve moved on
Maybe you should too
Pick yourself up off the floor
And keep walking.
Don’t turn back for anything
Cause I won’t be there for you.
You’ve covered my light
With the illusion of flight
But you’ll never be a pretty picture.
You’re running in circles
Trying to cover your trails
This tilt-a-whirl is only making you sicker
If you don’t know what you did,
Then I’ll spell it out for you
You never heard a word I said
Because what I said was true
And now there’s not a home to run to
Track Name: Fool's Gold
Fool’s Gold

Never had to walk away,
But I won’t be the one to stay.
I won’t look you in the eye,
There’s no need to say goodbye.
Baby, I won’t sit and wait
While you gamble on your next mistake,
Cause baby, you’ll come running back
When that West bound train jumps off the track.

All that’s left to do is run
Right into the setting sun.

Boy, we bet it all
With a fist full of dollars, then we hit the wall.
You closed your eyes,
And rolled away.
We’ll never make it back
You’re a tragedy on a one-way track.
Doesn’t matter what you say.
I’m looking for the break of day.

You won’t fool me at first light,
You only shine when the light’s just right.
So I pack my stuff in a burlap sack,
And baby, I’m not coming back.

All I’ve got to do is go.
There’s a part of me you’ll never know.
Track Name: We'll Say
We’ll Say

You said I was safe,
That all the trembling left in me would dissipate.
And all the tensions between us were left miles away,
Miles away.

You said I was strong,
That all the fears I’m staring down were dead and gone.
And when the questions were hard, I should just play along
Til my answers weren’t so wrong.

But all the times I spent alone,
While your words kept me company
Were the only times when we made sense,
The only times when I felt free.

I can’t fly without you falling,
I won’t be why you fell.
I know you said all the right things,
There’s more than what you tell,
But we’ll say that you meant well.

So I’ll say I’m safe,
That all the doubts found deep in me were all misplaced.
And all the memories behind us won’t get in the way,
You won’t get in my way.

Yeah, I’ll say I’m strong,
That all the dreams I’m running down won’t keep my long
And even though I love you, we can’t make this home.
I’m always, but never alone.

The future’s always closing in,
And I can’t live in the past.
How can I always put us first,
When all you do is put me last?

And you tell everyone the same thing,
And just assume I’ll hear.
So I’ll tell everyone the same thing
About why you’re not here.
Track Name: Hurt

You say you’ll know when you arrive.
It’s not the highway, it’s the drive.
It’s not the hunt,
It’s just the kill
That makes you feel alive.

You swear you’ve known it from the start.
You’re all business, but no heart.
You bought the painting for the frame,
And just threw out the art.

Well pardon me
If I fail to see
The truth in all your words.

You won’t make me better,
I can’t make you worse.
It’s not my first time,
You’re not my last resort.
If I come in last,
Then you won’t come in first.
We both know what happens,
I’m gonna make this hurt.

You only operate in greed.
You only love to fill your need.
And when it’s time to settle down,
You’re leaving at full speed.

It’s a big mistake
To underestimate
Or think that I’ll give in.

You can’t take me down,
No, I won’t hide.
Just take your shot at me.
So bring the fight,
But when we collide,
You can’t handle me.
Track Name: Bulbs Burn Out
Bulbs Burn Out

Heavy, heavy heart
Rest your head, resist the thought
Of yesterdays and coming storms
Of broken bodies and broken forms.

Heavy, heavy head
Rest your eyes, no more is said
Of passing ghosts and asking looks
Of arms that fell and hands that shook.

It’s silence that is asking all the questions.
It’s silence that never tells us what went wrong.

Empty, empty eyes
Open wide and feign surprise
At frozen faces, and secret scorn.
At hidden pleasures and sorrows borne.

One by one, the bulbs burn out.
The balance shifts, and the brightness will fade
And before you know it, all you’ve got left is your

Empty, empty arms
Open wide, release the charm
Of tomorrows, and passing gales
Of parting words and final tales.
Track Name: Tear It Down
Tear It Down

We built this house
With whatever we could find.
We didn’t have
Much in mind.
I thought I was safe here.

You made me a sinner,
Thought you were a saint
But you whitewashed these walls
With a fresh coat of paint.
I thought I was safe here.

Tear it down.
Burn the whole thing to the ground.
Light a match and turn and walk away.
Rip it up.
Through the cobwebs and the dust.
The polished lies and rotting trust all fade away.
Tear it down.

I did my best
To keep my closet clean.
You did your best
To build walls in between.
You thought I would stay here.

You hid it all
Under my feet,
Now I hear your lies
When the floorboards creak.
You thought I would stay here.

Let the flames rise,
Burn the tears from my eyes.
Ashes to ashes,
Dust to dust.
Let this house burn.
All these lessons learned,
Ashes to ashes,
Dust to dust.
Track Name: Until You Feel Alive
Until You Feel Alive

It was dark,
But my eyes were open
And I was scared
That I’d always be broken.
And I tried to lock all the pain up inside
Where the rest of me had died.

So I sang to myself…

Live, live, live
Until you feel alive.
Live, live,
Until you’re alive again.

I stayed down.
I had nothing to fight for.
I bowed out.
I just couldn’t take more.
And I couldn’t feel
Anything left that was real,
It never heals.

So I sing to myself…

It’s not over
When you feel like you’re done.
It’s not over
When there’s nowhere to run.
It’s not over when there’s nowhere to turn.
Just keep burning
‘Til there’s nothing to burn.
Track Name: Get Up
Get Up

I was lost, all alone,
Always staying at home.
Didn’t know which way to go.
I was scared, I was weak,
I was so incomplete.
Couldn’t stand up on my own.
But I know what is right,
And I’m willing to fight.

It’s my worst fear
To just stay here.

I gotta get up, get up,
Get up, get up,
Get out of here.

Now I’m lost in the crowd,
But I’m screaming out loud.
I know someday that I’ll be found.
It’s not safe or secure,
But I know what it’s for.
I know my time will come around.
I’ve just got to be strong,
Cause I’ve known all along.

I can’t stay,
Gotta find a way.

I won’t stay down,
Gotta keep on moving on.
Won’t turn around,
It’s time to be strong.
Track Name: Backbone

Your only move is to run and hide.
Nothing to lose when you’ve got nothing inside.
Without a heart, you can never decide.

You live your life in a constant retreat.
You never play, unless you can cheat.
You don’t make friends, you leave casualties.

I may be young, but I’m wise.
You can’t look me in the eyes.

No one cares what you do,
You slither round and slide right through,
But not me, I still stand on my own.
I still got my backbone.

You hide behind that thin disguise.
You’re making sure that there’s truth in all your lies.
But when I look, there’s nothing behind your eyes.

Your mouth is like a gun.
You had your shot, but now it’s done.

You don’t have control.
Boy, you better know your role.
You don’t have what it takes.
You’ll never see me break.

Track Name: Gone

I don’t wanna talk about what hurts.
My gun was away when you shot first.
My back was turned, you didn’t make a sound.
Now you wanna know why I’m leaving town.

I’ll be long gone
Before you come around.

I don’t wanna sit and question why.
There’s no time to think while the bullets fly.
No time to rest, but the nights are long.
I got nothing to lose by being wrong.

I’ll be long gone
Before you take me down.

Betrayal is bitter,
But revenge is sweet.
Let me tell you sugar,
I’ll knock you off your feet.
There’s no words left
To talk it through.
What you did to me,
I’ll do to you.

I’ll be long gone
Before you hit the ground.
You’re going down